Our Story

Mike at the waterfall next to Ch'i Bocól Community Hostel

Hello and thank you for your interest in us and what we are doing deep out here in the Guatemalan jungle.

My name is Mike, the owner of Ch'i Bocól Community Hostel.  In January of 2014 I "quit my normal life" in the United states to pursue my lifelong dream of extended world travel.  I spent the 1st year traveling to every country in Central America and I completely fell in love with this part of Guatemala.  I returned soon after and spent several months in the Lanquin / Semuc Champey area.  During this time, I had heard stories about a beautiful and secluded waterfall which no tourists or gringos ever visited.  It sounded like paradise.  When I arrived here I felt a peacefulness and tranquility that I had not experienced in any of my travels.  When I found out that a piece of land was for sale adjacent to this spot, I felt that it was my purpose to share this beautiful place with the rest of the world, and the rest is history.  We welcome you to come be a part of our little community, and look forward to sharing this wonderful place with you.